What to do when overthinking and anxiety aren’t letting you sleep?

It’s no surprise that overthinking and anxiety are the two leading causes for struggling to get to sleep. Here we are gonna explore why that is and give you some practical and realistic tools you can use to ease into sleep.


In a world of demanding workloads and balancing our lives, more often than not we end up bringing our work home with us, it can be difficult to automatically stop thinking about it as soon as you cross the threshold and even then make space/time to decompress from the day.

Stay-at-home parents and students can experience this as well. If you find yourself checking emails, thinking about the next day or worrying about a piece of work, this can make getting to sleep a lot harder. You may even only sleep lightly or wake up more often in the night as you transition between sleep stages.


Like overthinking, anxiety can make sleep difficult and wake you up at night. Anxiety has a knack for keeping your mind busy as you imagine less than fantastic scenarios and worry about what may happen next. You may become preoccupied with finding solutions. That racing of your mind can rob you of sleep by keeping your cortisol levels high, which then makes sleep harder to achieve.

Our Advice to you

Not to be like mindfulness is the answer but.. erm … in this case it would definitely be the first thing to try. Try something guided and under 5 minutes. Do this either when you first get in or shortly before getting into bed.

If that doesn’t work, you could dedicate the first 15/20 minutes of being at home to journal all the thoughts and worries you have down. Let them have their time and place so you can get back to enjoying your evening. 

It’s important you take some time to make your bedtime routine peaceful and calming, but if you are like me and need something to concentrate before you fall asleep, you can always watch something on ya phone or do some progressive muscle relaxation.

If you want to discuss your specific situation feel free to get in contact either myself or Dr Rich via IG or email – we are here for you.

Talk soon,

Coach Shelbs