Myth busting that you are naturally a bad sleeper (except in rare cases)

So you think you’re a naturally bad sleeper? 

If this is the case then you are in a small group of people who either have insomnia, a medical condition impairing your sleep or you have a rare genetic mutation that allows you to function on less than 6 hours of sleep (1% of the population).

If you don’t fit within this group it’s highly unlikely that your bad sleep is because of a natural lack of ability to sleep well and more to do with the fact that you just haven’t learned and integrated the habits and mindset that is required to have sound & consistent sleep. 

Good sleep is ABSOLUTELY a skill that nearly everybody can learn and integrate into their life. Why would you not want to integrate something that is going to improve your outlook on life? Something that will help you perform better in nearly every way that you can think of?

But it’s understandable to feel like we are not naturally good at sleep, I think we have all had that thought at one point in time.

We were never taught how to sleep well when we were younger & as we get older more and more things consume our time and our mental energy. When we search for solutions in google it seems like we need a degree in sleep education to become a good sleeper & heck it’s only recently that society has started to appreciate the dramatic effects that good sleep has on our bodies and minds.

It’s no wonder that poor sleep can become a curse that we just accept as part of our lives 

ANYBODY can start to integrate the simple habits that will nudge you towards better sleep

ANYBODY can start to cultivate the mindset that will allow you to relax & fall asleep

ANYBODY can find a sleep aid that works for them

It just comes down to taking the first steps and starting with the basics, you won’t get results immediately but overtime your sleep will get better and better and before you know it you will be sleeping well consistently and the change in the way you feel: your energy, your motivation and your clarity will be all the motivation that you need in order to maintain good sleep for the rest of your life

Until next time, have an amazing day & sleep well!

Dr Rich