How good sleep really can change the world.

As a society we are always looking for that next thing that makes us happier, more productive and life that little bit easier. Yet the single thing that may lead to the biggest improvement in these three domains is often forgotten about. Guess what that thing is?

Yes you guessed it!


90% of people in a recent survey found that having a good night’s sleep led to having a good day the following day, in contrast after having a bad night of sleep only 7% of people felt ready to start their day.

Study after study has found that consistently sleeping well improves many areas of our performance including our creativity, concentration, emotional control, charisma & memory. One survey showed that 61% of people found their memory to be worse after not sleeping well & another 75% admitted they were less productive after a poor night’s sleep.

A staggering observation was made in another study, 4000 employees at big corporations were monitored for the effects of poor sleep on their productivity. Poor sleepers spent up to 3 TIMES more of their day feeling less motivated, struggling with focus, struggling with decisions & having to time manage when compared to good sleepers.

If you thought cutting down your sleeping time by 1 to 2 hours is going to make you more productive the following day because you get more time to get stuff done – THINK AGAIN. 


Good sleep has only recently started to become recognised as one of the keys to living a happy & healthy life, we didn’t really pay it’s effects much attention before. Who knows why, maybe because we didn’t know how significant a role it plays in the outcomes of our lives?

At an individual level many of us have to go through this shift in thinking about sleep before we start taking it seriously and realise it can be utilised as a massive driving force for improvement in our lives.

I myself only started trying to sleep better a few years ago, before this sleep was an inconvenience, a nice to have, a blockade to maximal productivity, SLEEP LESS DO MORE I told myself! wow how wrong I was.

It wasn’t until I started sleeping better that I realised that this most fundamental of biological processes was the foundation to me doing better, until I got better at sleep everything else would feel like pushing a boulder up a hill.

Good sleep makes everything easier it’s as simple as that.

It’s about unlocking your potential

Good sleep for me started a butterfly effect where I started to feel better, think better and do better.

It encouraged me to prioritise my self-care which led to me developing other habits that supported my mental wellbeing.

It allowed me to work smarter not harder which led to me producing better quality work & opening doors that I did not know could be opened.

It taught me how to induce relaxation on demand and how to work with my mind and body in a way that I had never experienced before.

And last of all, achieving all of the above is within the grasp of every single person. We are naturally amazing sleepers, our body has gone through millions of years of evolution to be so! We just need to unlearn the few bad habits that are blocking the way to good sleep.

If we can get even a small % of the world sleeping better the benefit to society is going to be huge & the benefit to your mental health and the outcomes in your life will be truly amazing.

One sleeper at a time, good sleep really can change the world 🙂

Until next time sleepers!

Dr Rich