Who are we?

LiveLight is a newly founded sleep & mental wellbeing technology company. We believe that everybody has the right to improve their lives through the power of sleep & mental wellbeing habits; we are here to support you in achieving this.
It’s hard to make gains in our lives when poor sleep is sucking our energy, optimism, and mood away from us. Not having the mental wellbeing tools to support and maintain our mental health can leave us feeling hopeless, limited, and disengaged from the outcomes in our lives. LiveLight has been created to change this.
Our sleep light & mobile app combination will act as your guide to help you on your journey to achieving better sleep & and ever-improving mental wellbeing. We are here for you.
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We know that sleep can have an enormous impact on your quality of life, so we are developing a process that will support you to sleep well from start to finish on a consistent basis

Mental wellbeing

You have everything that you need to improve your life in a massive way, we are just here to support & guide you along the way


We are all human and we all share common problems, we can do this together, you are not alone, the LiveLight community will help you at every step of the way whether you use our products or not