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LiveLight integrates a personalised sleep app & a novel sunset-sunrise simulator that helps you to fall asleep faster, stay asleep deeper & wakes you up in a refreshing & natural way.

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Amazing sleep in 3 steps

Image of a person yawning
A simulated sunset that relaxes & calms your brain before sleep
Sleep sounds that calm a racing mind, leading to a faster& deeper sleep
Drawing of the sun rising behind clouds
A simulated sunrise that wakes you up feeling blissful & refreshed

The blight of poor sleep

Around 1 in 3 of you are struggling with poor sleep at any particular point in time, and you have to struggle with the agonising effects that poor sleep can have on your mood, energy levels and productivity.

LiveLight’s simple and effective sleep enhancement solution helps you to fall asleep faster, stay asleep deeper, and wakes you up in a more refreshing and natural way.

A woman with her hand on her forehead in bed, struggling to sleep.
Man relaxing on the couch with an imagine of the LiveLight wind down phase.

Pre-sleep relaxation


Whilst the sunset is taking place, you are encouraged to participate in a relaxing activity. You can interact with a wide range of relaxing audio on the LiveLight app such as relaxation exercises, natural sounds, mental wellbeing sessions and sleep stories or the relaxation can be self directed such as reading books or engaging with content on their phone.

Sleep Initiation

Quicker, deeper and more refreshing sleep

Once the sunset has finished and the room is now completely dark, you can choose to enhance sleep initiation with one of many sleep sounds on the LiveLight app.

You will be able to choose from options such as sleep exercises, nature sounds, unique exercises (counting sheep) & sleep stories

Woman sleeping with an image of the LiveLight sleep phase
Woman waking up with image of the LiveLight wake up phase


Go from deep sleep to a gentle awakening

Prior to your selected wake up time, the LiveLight sleep light gradually lights up your room over a period of 5-60 minutes (whatever your preference), simulating a natural sunrise.

Just before you are due to wake up, the room reaches peak brightness and then natural sounds gradually phase in from the LiveLight app to wake you up gently.

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